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Project Social Reactor is the architectural strategy platform for the revitalization of non-functional buildings and spaces. It was designed by the international creative office KOGAA studio, which, among other things, deals with the issue of inactive structures and their adaptation to new functions. The aim of the organization is to create a network of functioning creative centers. Supporting the development of spaces and opportunities for creative industries entrepreneurs as local creators and craftsmen, non-profit organizations and other activities that will breathe new life into disused places, help to revitalize the surrounding area and increase living standards in the city. 

Our tools a) Establishing the centers The Distillery and Lyceum b) Building a cultural platform Brno Design Days and React together to connect entrepreneurs across disciplines, create inspiring interactions, supporting innovative thinking, and promoting talent c) Cooperation with other projects at local and international level. Interconnecting different areas of business and creative industry.

Project Social Reactor Building Creative Communities aims at an international level of colaboration. In cooperation and with the financial support of the Visegrad Fund we bring in partners with a similar focus who will be involved across our activities throughout the project. The Association of Polish Architects Poznań Division is as well as Social Reactor focused on organize cultural-educational events related to the promotion of good architecture, focus on city environment and providing various opportunities for professionals in the field. Social Reactor founders have already participated in the SARP activities Mood for Wood. 

Creative Industry Košice is a leader in the development of creative and cultural industries in Eastern Slovakia. The organization tends to be the part of major European structural projects and organizes conferences and events with similar topics. As an independent municipal institute, they have an impact on all important sectors as business, non-profit organizations and public institutions.


Creates a repeatable educational and networking events monthly organized by a community of Lyceum Social Reactor center to share skills across their disciplines and present their business, ideas and partners to the public as well as learn from experts in the field of entrepreneurship and creative industry. The goal is to bring a wider audience into the Social Reactor premises - closer to entrepreneurial community, and accelerate its impact.
There are two types of events – Internal and Public. Internal events strengthening the core of the community and networking through B2B activities as presentations and workshops encouraging cooperation at local level with community.
Public events aim to wider range of visitors, especially students and professionals, with interesting guests by topic. It brings experts and international partners from V4 to present their fields and make interaction with an audience.

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The annual event brings together leading figures from across all fields of design, architecture, and other creative industries for networking events, discussions, workshops, fashion shows, and exhibitions. The festival was founded in 2016 by Alexandra Georgescu, also the co-founder of Social Reactor and KOGAA studio. The concept of the festival is based on the sharing of ideas, know-how and the introduction of design as a driving force for innovation and positive changes. Emphasis is placed primarily on cooperation at the international level. Foreign personalities and specialists from around the world are invited to present their work and build new connections.
Each year the festival opens the doors to a new location, selected for its architectural significance within the city, and usually non-functioning for many years. In cooperation with our partners we are establishing for this year the V4 stage, the goal is to bring new ideas, establish connections and inspire each other, given our common interests.

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